Clown Costumes

Clown Costumes for Boys

No matter what direction your trip into the big top world of the clown goes, our selection of face paint, wigs, noses, shoes and of course costumes is going to give boys ample selection to create any clown persona they may desire. From the silly classic clown images we all grew up with to the more gruesome, heinous and morphed clown faces--our selection of clown costumes is serious business and in that my friends, we are not clowning around!

For centuries, clowns have been part of history as great entertainers. A clown's purpose has evolved a bit as the years have gone by, however. During the medieval period, clowns known as court jesters were an important figure in the King's court, revered and acknowledged for their important role of amusing and entertaining the royals. Clowns weren't just known for silly shenanigans. Many clowns were skilled dancers, acrobats and musicians as well, so their entertainment value was considered quite prolific. Modern day clowns are most commonly associated with the circus and the big top performances that go with them, but as long as there are kids having birthday parties and rodeos that need someone to distract bulls away from riders, clowns will have a proper place and valued role in our society. Clowns are a favorite costume character for Halloween and other dress up activities. In today's day and age, there is a wide range of clown personas that are fun for boys of all ages to dress up as in costume. Because of their extremely exaggerated facial features, the clown face itself has become easy to make into something that can be equally as frightful as it is funny. The sky is the limit when it comes to clowns these days. What once was considered a jovial, comic character (and still is in many ways) could also be one of the most ironically frightening characterizations out in the costume world.