Devil Costumes


Devil Costumes for Boys

Devil costumes have always been a favorite Halloween look that can be used to create a light-hearted and fun bad boy look or as something far more dark and evil. Our selection of devil costumes and accessories for boys will give you everything you need to create the perfect mischievously evil look for that cute little devil in your life!

One of the characters most directly correlated with darkness or evil is that of the devil. Throughout the ages, religious teachings and directives have made the idea of Satan, Lucifer or the devil one of the most feared beings humanity has ever had to face. Throughout the ages, man has had various ways of dealing with his fears of darkness and evil and somewhere along the line the devil himself became personified as a red horned being with a tail, carrying around of course, his proverbial pitchfork. As it turns out, back when Christianity was spreading across Europe, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church wasn't terribly thrilled about some of the pagan gods that were worshipped by various people that they were trying to convert. A convenient way of turning villagers against this sort of pagan worship was to reinvent their pagan gods as hideous demons. It is likely that the image of the Greek god of male fertility and nature known as Pan became the actual source of the appearance that we now associate with Lucifer or the Devil.