Disney Costumes

Disney Character Costumes for Boys

When it comes to Halloween or any other time your child wants to get into a costume character, Disney has many exciting as well as imaginative choices for his dress up experience. With memorable Disney characters that range from Buzz Lightyear to Winnie the Pooh, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding characters that your child truly loves and wants to dress up as. Take your child's imagination to the highest heights with a unique costume character created by the creative genius of Disney!

If you've taken your kids to the movies, then you've more likely than not been introduced to a variety of exciting as well as memorable characters from the good people of Disney. Disney has such a wide and varied group of characters in their wonderful world and these characters come to us in a variety of ways, from weekend cartoons and other television programming, feature films and of course we can't forget the infamous Disney theme parks! It seems that every kid has a Disney character that is their favorite (or not surprisingly your child may have several) and these characters are slam-dunk preferred choices come dress up time. With fun as well as funny characterizations and memorable personalities, there is nothing like the unique whimsy of the personas that Disney has brought into our lives.