Ninja Costumes

Ninja Costumes for Boys

Because of the unique, mysterious and somewhat misunderstood history surrounding the Ninja warrior, kids relish the idea of recreating one of the most fascinating yet powerful combatants out there. If your child is itching to get into exciting and imaginative battles, the Ninja character may be his perfect champion!

Ninja Warriors have been around for thousands of years. Although most people, thanks to television and the movies, envision the Ninja as a somewhat crafty and cagey martial artist, the most elite Ninja's were actually known more for their planning, strategizing as well as superior espionage skills. Being a true Ninja needed just as much brains as it did brawn, as it required stealthily infiltrating the ranks of the enemy in order to glean information and ultimately, perhaps commit acts of war. Boys and the character of the Ninja go hand in hand. Boys can embrace the idea of dressing up as this clandestine and skilled warrior with his long Katana in hand while fighting his pretend Ninja battles.