Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes for Boys

Dressing as a pirate for Halloween is one of the most popular choices for a costume, and with good reason. The costumes are unique and fun with cool weaponry of course, plus lets face it, acting like and speaking like a movie pirate is just fun and cool--it's something quite simply, kids of all ages love. Make your next move to the high seas with one of these spectacular swashbuckling costume choices.

Pirates, historically the bad boys of the high seas, have resurged in popularity over the past few years when it comes to costume dress up. The popular Disney movie franchise, "The Pirates of the Caribbean" can take a lot of the credit for being the catalyst to sending these sea rogues to the top of everyone's favorite character list. Pirate characters have suddenly become charismatic, memorable and perhaps even a little bit sensitive in these movies, and although these personality traits likely show little resemblance to any real pirates that have roamed the earth, boys and girls everywhere have embraced this new batch of crazy buccaneers. A new fangled and popular holiday known as "Talk Like a Pirate Day" also celebrates the unique lingo and wardrobe favored by these rum loving sea marauders. Dressing and speaking like a pirate is very fun--and there are many rich and beloved characters that your child can adopt temporarily as a borrowed persona for Halloween or other dress up fun. Jack Sparrow, one of the most popular of the Disney pirates, is likely the hands-down favorite amongst the masses with his almost gentle, partially good guy version of what has become a somewhat dichotomous pirate character. His many arch rival pirates and pirate ghosts enemies are also foreboding nemesis' that bring many opportunities to add rich darkness and evil back to the pirate image itself. Davey Jones, Barnacle Bill, Blackbeard and others are fun and original choices for a slice of the darker side of pirate life.