Retro Costumes

Retro Costumes for Boys

Whether your child wants to resurrect a character from a somewhat vintage TV show or movie or just dress like someone from another decade, retro looks are here to stay, as they are a constant reminder of fun and good times from days that have gone by. Don't worry--your kids will eventually get what's coming to them, as the hot fashion looks of today will likely become their own kids Halloween costume looks of the future!

Kids love looking back on the past and trying to make sense of what has gone on before them. Even decades that might not seem so long ago to their parent's (like the 1980's) have now become favorite dress up days at local schools around the nation. Dressing up as a favorite TV show character from an old television show or movie has become a very popular trend when it comes to Halloween costumes. Costumes that emulate the most memorable fashion trends from certain eras have also found their way back into our modern day by using the costume version of hitting a historical rewind button. Kids especially get a kick out of poking fun at their parent's generation's best TV shows as well as fashion looks. We all thought we were so cool back then-but somehow it feels different when your kid goes off to trick or treat in something you might have worn to your high school prom.