Scary Costumes

Scary Costumes for Boys

Undoubtedly your child at one point or another will be interested in recreating a character that is a bit more frightful than fun for Halloween. There are many levels and varieties of 'scary' to choose from when it comes to dress up and you and your child can decide which of the many types of Halloween freaks, monsters, ghouls or goblins is going to be the most fun for his costumed escapades. With everything in our huge selection from bleeding ghouls to vampires and zombies, if your child can conjure it up in his imagination, it is likely that we have a costume for it!

One of the oldest traditions surrounding Halloween is that of dressing up in scary costumes. In the times of the ancient Celts, it was long believed that on All Hallows Eve, the spirits of the recently departed were allowed to roam the earth freely to do whatever they felt like, one final time. Being naturally afraid of potentially evil spirits that may be amongst them, the living would prepare to take whatever measures were necessary to survive All Hallows Eve relatively unscathed. A common practice during this somewhat naive time period was to dress up in frightful costumes. This bit of twisted logic assumed that the evil spirits that may possibly be up to no good would then assume from the scary costume that that person was also dead and leave them alone. The idea of dressing up in scary costumes is a legendary tradition that has carried itself into modern day with decidedly more logical reasoning. In today's day in age, dressing up as monsters, ghouls and goblins is done just for fun, as old the reasons that started this trend faded away long ago and were taken over by good sense. Still, over time, people realized that there is fun in scaring oneself a bit on purpose and that is what Halloween tends to be partially about to this day. Good scary fun!