Star Wars

Star Wars Costumes for Boys

Dressing as a Star Wars character is a unique and fun idea that your child is going to love. Star Wars characters have been around so long that they are considered classic costume characters that truly have stood the test of time. For space adventures that will last well beyond the limits of Halloween dress up, Star Wars costumes are a truly epic way to live a little out of this world.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (and with the help of a guy named George Lucas) came a cast of characters so unique and memorable that after nearly 35 years, as well as a couple of sequels and a few prequels later, the popularity and recognition of these stellar characters remains steadfast. The fervor and devotion to the Star Wars movie franchise continues to this day and because of this, the Star Wars cast is a hugely popular place to draw from for Halloween costumes. It's likely that today's kids wanting to dress up as a Star Wars character weren't even around for the movies at their inception; but a new generation has discovered these blockbuster films and fallen in love with them as well. The unique and sometimes quirky characters that became legendary during their parents era are now favorites of these kids, too. With realistic replicas of famous Star Wars characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, your child can take his imaginative and super galactic adventures into the stratosphere, either fighting for the Galactic Republic or perhaps he may even want to his imaginative journey in a more sinister direction with an adventure over to the dark side of the Empire.