Superhero Costumes

Superhero Costumes for Boys

No matter what (and there are many) superhero character your child has in mind as his favorite, our huge selection is as good as the local phone booth for getting him quickly into the most appropriate costume look to make his superhero dreams into a quick reality. With choices like Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Robin, Captain America and Iron Man, your child's quest to take the bad guys to task and overcome evil should be relatively easy. At least that's how it works in comic books and superhero movies--hopefully it happens this way in your child's imagination too!

We all love them. Superheroes seem larger than life, even bigger than our imaginations can sometimes wrap our brains around. These infamous characters that we call superheroes are something we all grew up loving and most of us actually at one time or another likely wished we could be one of them ourselves. There is something hopeful as well as empowering to the notion that there is something more powerful than an average human that will come to intervene when all hope is nearly lost. Just in the knick of time, someone will be there in order save the day; that's the job of the superhero. The idea of superheroes has been around for a long time. Superman is arguably the original of the many unique superhero characters that have come through comic books and movies alike. Kids love the idea that Superman had great physical strength and super human powers, not to mention being able to fly. Parents can enjoy the idea that these heroic figures that their kids are embracing are all about fighting for truth and justice as well as maintaining law and order. Many superheroes have quite ordinary alter egos as well. The fact that Superman transformed into his grand self from quite an ordinary, almost nerdy Clark Kent only further enhanced his allure to the average person. When it comes to Halloween costumes or imaginative playtime and dress up, becoming a superhero has always been a kid's favorite choice. As a superhero you can scale or leap easily over tall buildings, see with x-ray vision; fearlessly confront bad guys and evil beings in order to restore society's moral code--all very exciting things to do during at home superhero adventures. Being a superhero almost always means that good wins out over evil. In the world of the superhero, the good guy almost always finishes first.