Tom Arma Costumes


Tom Arma Costumes for Boys

Many of Tom's costumes are animals and his "Please Save the Animals" collection is dedicated to little ones everywhere because in his words, "they make the world a better place." Be sure to capture the essence of your child's unique personality and his precious babyhood with one of these very special costumes especially designed for the youngest costume wearers. From wild animals that could be found on an African Safari or deep in the jungle to others far more tame and civilized, our large selection of Tom Arma costumes will give you plenty to choose from for a unique and very special photo session or just for dressing up to look super cute. With Tom Arma, the adventure begins right here!

If you haven't heard of Tom Arma, then you are in for a really big treat. Tom Arma actually is considered to be the most published baby photographer in the world. As part of his photographic journey, Tom has learned how to make babies look way beyond even their naturally adorable selves. It's no wonder then that Tom has come up with a line of baby costumes that have adopted some of the learned cuteness factors that he picked up during his many years as a baby photographer. These unique costumes have special design details and features to make your child look extra sweet in everything from a plump and furry teddy bear costume to a whimsical baby gorilla outfit. The style of each costume has great attention to detail and is designed with a face framing headpiece that will not only keep your baby snug and warm but will put all the emphasis right where it needs to be--on your baby's precious little mug.