TV & Movie Costumes

TV & Movie Costumes for Boys

When it comes to TV and movie character costumes, our selection is unsurpassed. With exciting characters especially designed for boys, whether your child is looking to fight off evil villains, defend the Galactic Republic or quickly scale up giant skyscrapers, you can make sure he is dressed just like his ultimate TV or movie hero with one of our fabulous costumes.

From the very smallest kids to their more sophisticated teenage counterparts, kids are exposed to television and movies from a very young age. The characters that are part of these programs and films quickly find themselves as part of the fabric of our children's lives. Kids, along with their ever growing and very vivid imaginations, love to emulate the heroes of their favorite shows and bring them to life themselves during their imaginative playtime. It's no wonder then that when it comes to Halloween costumes or those costumes that are bought just for play, TV and movie heroes and characters are always going to be one of your child's favorite sources to draw from. With colorful characters ranging from superheroes with amazing powers to swashbuckling pirates that pillage out on the high seas, TV and film media offer many fun personalities for your child to adopt for his at home fantastic adventures.