Tween Costumes

Tween Costumes for Boys

Our huge collection of tween costumes is going to give your more grown up child the perfect combination of what's hot, happening and hip when it comes to costume choices. All your child's pop culture favorites are part of this selection including superheroes, zombies, pirates and clowns. Tweens are going to easily find exactly what they are looking for, which will ultimately make your life a lot easier as well.

It can be a bit of a dilemma. When your child isn't a little kid anymore but not officially a teenager either, well, that my friend, qualifies them as a "tween." Tweens are typically approximately 9-12 years old and have their own unique place in the consumer marketplace. Tweens are a lot more trend-aware than their younger kid counterparts and have very particular tastes and desires when it comes to fashion, dressing up and fitting into their place in the world. Tweens have discovered popular music, television and pop stars and although they are still kids, they are quite a savvy and sophisticated bunch. Most of today's tweens are already familiar with the Internet, use cell phones and love to be engaged in their own social sphere as opposed to the typical "playtime" that is enjoyed by younger children. When it comes to costumes, tweens have specific desires and needs. First of all, juvenile or babyish costumes are never going to fly with this group of kids. Tweens want more grown up looking costume choices, but their needs don't stop there. These pre-teens love whatever is in style, popular in the media and considered hot and trendy in the moment. Tween costumes need to be spot on with what's happening in the world because you can bet that this age group is going to have very specific notions about how they want to dress up for Halloween or any other occasion.