Vampire Costumes

Vampire Costumes for Boys

If your child is looking to create the ultimate Halloween monster this year, a Vampire is the perfect (not to mention very popular) choice. With so many fabulous and detailed Vampire costumes to choose from, your child can decide what level of scary he wants to attain, whether he wants a more traditional look or one that is more reminiscent of one of today's Vampire movie favorites.

Halloween monsters of every type will always be a traditional costume choice when it comes to Halloween dress up. There are certain monsters that have had a recent strong resurgence in the media, however and this has translated into making these Halloween monsters particularly popular when it comes to costumes. In the past few years, both Vampires and Zombies have laid their claim to fame in both movies and television shows that have featured these types of frightful (and yet sometimes oddly charming) beings. Vampires, once viewed as nocturnal beings that survived by sucking the lifeblood out of the living, have been reinvented in the past few years in various television shows as well as movies. Today's vampires are more 'human' than ever and although these creatures are still essentially Vampires at their core, they have assimilated themselves a great deal into the lives of everyday humans and additionally have taken on many human characteristics themselves.