Video Game Costumes

Video Game Costumes for Boys

If you are looking for Mario characters, World of Warcraft, Halo, Street Fighter or even those crazy mischievous Angry Birds, we have many characters for every gamer out there that wants to take a little of his favorite game action into his everyday life! Don't miss out on these exciting costume renditions of all your favorite video game characters!

It's a brave new world, folks, and our kids are living in it. Video Games are certainly one of the kingpins of today's media. These games have come a long way from the vintage Atari "Pong" of yesteryear. With unbelievably realistic graphics and sophisticated storylines, today's gamers are immersing themselves in an imaginative and creative world, not as a spectator mind you, but as an active participant in the action that is unfolding right before their very eyes. Gamers can commandeer their character as they delve temporarily into another exciting and dynamic world. It's no wonder then, that the characters that gamers have temporarily become themselves and have also gotten to know through their games, eventually become a bit near and dear to them. When it comes to Halloween costumes or just dressing up for fun, it stands to reason that video game characters are going to be at the top of any video gamers "must have" list! No matter what your platform du jour is or whether your favorite characters are modern or vintage, when it comes to finding a great selection of video game characters that you can bring to life, our selection will not disappoint.