Warrior & Knight Costumes

Warrior & Knight Costumes for Boys

Boys love the idea of being the ultimate in brave warriors whether by recreating a character from a favorite movie or by reinventing a historic character via a costume. Our selection of noble knights and warriors includes Medieval Knights, Warrior Kings, Ninjas, Roman Gladiators and even some of the super admirable characters from Batman and Star Wars. Bring out your brave machismo with one of these fabulous costumes!

Since the time children are very small, even the simplest fairy tales and stories they are read, speak of princesses and Knights in shining armor. Most of us have envisioned these brave and fearless warriors and courageous knights and admired their gallant bravado as well as humble valor. When it comes to costumes, these warriors and knights are a hands down favorite amongst kids. And why shouldn't they be? The stories that surround them are powerful, gritty and courageous. Plus, these guys often get the princess in the end--not a bad gig, considering that the wardrobe and apparatus that these guys get to wear is pretty cool as well. Armor, helmets, swords, shields--well, you get the idea and it's all very, very cool.