Western Costumes

Western Costumes for Boys

Your child will love dressing up as an ol’ cowpoke, a distinguished Sheriff Wyatt Earp, or even as a more sinister and villainous outlaw. We have a fabulous selection of traditional as well as fun Western themed costumes that will make your adventure back to the Wild West authentically easy so you can have some silly, shoot 'em up, western-style fun.

Yee Haw! Welcome to the Wild, Wild West! There is a general fascination and allure about the time period known as the American Old West and with good reason. The time period in history referred to as the "Wild West" generally refers to the latter half of the 19th century. This period in American history represents a time of growth and change. Miners, traders, frontiersmen and settlers were making their way to the untamed lands of the western territories, often looking to make their fortunes, obtain land or in some cases to seek religious respite. The characters we now associate with this time period are colorful, brave as well as adventurous. From the traditional and quintessential western cowboy, to dashing gunslingers, gold miners, Native Americans and sassy saloon girls, western characters are filled with historic flavor as well as tons of nostalgic fun. For these reasons and many others, western costumes make fantastic costumes, both for historic dress up occasions as well as making a unique and original choice for Halloween dress up.