Halloween is a great time for crafts that help get into the spirit of the holiday.  Whether you are just spending some time together as a family or having a group of kids together to make a project, here are some simple ideas to get you started.  All the materials are readily available at home, your supermarket or local craft store.  We’ve provided some simple instructions for some of our super easy, kid-friendly Halloween craft projects! 

Floaty Ghost

1-White Lid from a plastic container, like whipped topping
1-Sheet of black construction paper (enough to make 3-2” circles per ghost) 
2-Plain white plastic grocery sacks
2-White pipe cleaners
1-Hole punch
1-piece of black yarn

  1. Cut out 3 circle shapes 2” in diameter from the black construction paper.  Glue these onto the plain white side of the plastic lid, to form the 2 eyes and the mouth of your ghost.  Using the hole punch, make a hole in the top of the lid for hanging your creation.
  2. Take the plastic bags and carefully cut off the handles using scissors. Any writing should be cut off from the opening, but leave the bottom seam of the bag intact.  Lay the sacks on a flat surface.  Cut 2” strips into the bags, leaving at least 1” at the bottom near the seam.
  3. One at a time, glue the pipe cleaner into the seam of your bag. Let dry.
  4. Place your ghost lid face down on a flat surface.  Take one of your shredded bags and bend and insert the pipe cleaner/seam into the ridge around the bottom half of the lid.  Tape to secure in place.  Do the same with the other bag, but along the top half of the lid.
  5. Thread the yard through the hole for hanging. 
  6. Hold the end of the yarn and run—the ghost will follow after you!  Yikes!

Fuzzy Pumpkins

1-Large orange pom-pom
1-sheet of sticky green paper or labels
1-sheet of stick black paper or labels
2-self adhesive googly eyes
Black Marker

  1. Using the green paper or labels cut out a stem shape (and leaves if you desire) and stick them onto the orange pom-pom, creating the stem and leaves.
  2. Using the black sticky paper or labels, cut out your jack-o-lantern’s mouth and stick into place on the pom-pom.
  3. Remove the backing and stick the googly eyes into place on the pom-pom.
  4. ENJOY!

Balloon Spiders

2-round black balloons
1-sheet of black construction paper
Black string or yarn
1-sheet of white sticky paper or labels
Assortment of Halloween themed stickers
Black yarn

  1. Blow up the balloons. One should be larger than the other, as this will become the body.  Tie it off with the string and attach the two balloons together at the tied ends.
  2. Cut 8 strips of construction paper, which will become the spider’s legs. Fold the strips accordion-style.
  3. Using the labels and stickers, cut out eyes for your spider and affix these to the head.  Decorate your spider with any stickers you choose.
  4. Use a long piece of yarn at the body/head joint to hang your spider or you can hold onto him and have him walk along with you!

Napkin Ghosts

1-White Paper Napkin
1-Small Styrofoam ball
1-Rubber band
Black Marker
String or yarn

  1. Unfold the napkin on a flat surface.
  2. Place the Styrofoam ball (or crumpled up paper or several cotton balls) in the middle of the napkin.
  3. Wrap the middle of the flat napkin around the ball.  Use the rubber band to hold this in place, creating the ghost’s head.  Leave the rest of the napkin hanging out.
  4. Use markers to make a ghostly face.
  5. Take a long piece of string.  Tie one end to the ghost’s neck, the other end to you, a doorknob or someplace high (with an adults help, of course.)

Candy Corn Jar for Halloween

Candy Corn
Small glass jar
Fine point black permanent marker
White paint
Raffia or ribbon
Halloween stickers

  1. Clean and dry the jar very thoroughly.
  2. Pack the jar to the top with Candy Corn. Pack tightly so they don’t move around.  Put the lid back on.
  3. Add faces to the Candy Corn that show through the glass using the paint and marker. Some will be upside down and sideways, that doesn’t matter.
  4. Simple faces are best.  White dots for the eyes, then after they are dry add black dots with the marker.  Draw a squiggly line with the marker under the eyes.
  5. Decorate the jar lid with stickers.

Spooky Fun Foam Bracelets

Fun Foam (White, Yellow, Black and Green)
Thin ribbon
Rick Rack
Self-adhesive Velcro (both sides, positive & negative)
Hole punch

1. Cut simple shapes from the fun foam.  White is great for ghosts, black makes fantastic bats.  (Other colors and shapes can be created, use your imagination!) Cut a 1 ½ inch strip of another color long enough to encircle your wrist with a little bit extra for fastening.  Use the ribbon or rick-rack to decorate your ghost or bat with a bow tie if desired.  Punch holes for perfect bat eyes, or draw on ghost eyes with a black permanent marker.  Glue the figure on the center of the bracelet strip. Use the Velcro to create a fastener on one end of the bracelet and the opposite type of the Velcro on the inside of the other. 

Tin Can Frankenstein

A super cute Frankenstein can that you cover with felt to fill with lollipops or pencils!

1-empty aluminum can.  Sand down any sharp edges.
1-sheet green felt
1/2 sheet black felt
Scraps of white and light green felt
1 black skinny pipe cleaner
White craft glue
2 small black pom-poms
2 small round magnets, about 1/4” thick

  1. Lay green felt on a flat surface.  Lay the can down on top of the felt.  Roll the can up in the felt to see exactly how much you are going to need to cover the entire can.  Trim the felt, leaving about ½” overlap for the top (mouth) of the can.  Glue the felt around the can, gluing the excess overlap over the edge and to the inside part of the can.
  2. To make the hair, lay the black felt on the work surface and place the can on the felt like you did with the green felt.  Roll up the can in the black felt and measure about 2” down from the top of the can.  Trim off all of the excess.  Before gluing the black felt into place, cut Frank’s hair in a grass like pattern or make it wave in different lengths.  Glue onto the can, lining the straight edge with the top of the can. 
  3. Cut out eyebrows from the black felt and eyes from the white felt.  Glue in place.
  4. Cut a nose out of the light green felt and glue in place.
  5. Cut the pipe cleaner into a piece that is about 4” long.  Bend it into a squiggly smile and glue it onto the face.
  6. Glue the black pom-poms onto the centers of the white eyes.
  7. Place the 2 round magnets on each side of the head to imitate bolts.  They should stick (because they are magnets) so no gluing is required.
  8. Let Frank dry before filling!

Take a Witch by the Hand

Markers or Crayons
Green construction paper
Yellow construction paper

  1. Trace hands on green paper and cut out.
  2. Draw long fingernails on the yellow construction paper; cut out.  Spread glue and then sprinkle glitter on the nails and glue them onto the fingers.
  3. Draw warts, veins and wrinkles on the witch’s hands.
  4. Connect the witch’s hands with glue and string up as a Halloween garland decoration, or several of these can be glued in a circle to create a bewitching door wreath!

Bat Finger Puppets

Black construction paper
White or silver crayon
Small googly eyes; 2 per bat
Large black pop-pom

  1. Draw a bat template on a single piece of poster board.  Make them just a few inches big; these are finger puppets!  Elongate the body a little and make it long enough to eventually cut 2 holes to put your fingers through.
  2. Cut several bats out of the black construction paper.
  3. Cut finger holes at the bottom of the bat bodies for legs.
  4. Glue large pom-pom body in the center of the bat’s body.
  5. Glue the googly eyes on the pom-pom body.
  6. Stick index and middle finger through the holes to make the bat’s legs.

The cut out bats can also be glued together and made into a simply batty garland or wreath.  Have fun and be creative!

Lollipop Ghosts

White facial tissues or white tissue paper
Lollipops (Tootsie pops are ideal)
Fine point black permanent marker
Double stick tape

  1. Cut an 8” square of tissue paper or unfold the facial tissue.
  2. Wrap a small piece of the double stick tape around the lollipop stick.
  3. Fold the tissue over the lollipop and twist it around the stick so that it adheres.
  4. Draw a face on the ghost with the black marker.

Personalized Halloween Socks

Fabric Paint
Embroidery needle and floss
Light colored socks
Buttons and beads

On the cuff of the sock, lightly draw where the design will go.  Sew the buttons and beads onto the sock first.  Embroider with colorful thread and shiny floss.  Be creative with fabric paint, including the beads and embroidery.  Wait 24 hours for the paint to dry before wearing the socks. 

Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas

Making Halloween decorations can be fun for adults, too and is a very inexpensive way to add a spooky and festive touch to your home for the fall.  These simple ideas will add a creative flair to your home for very little money and you will have lots of fun using your creativity!

Apple Candle Holders

Large Apples
Lemon Juice
Utility Knife
Tea Candles

Cut out the core of the apple approximately to halfway down.  Take the spoon and scoop out the apple a little larger than the candle.  Squeeze lemon juice onto the cut portions of the apple to prevent browning.  When the lemon juice has dried, insert the tea light candle, light and enjoy.

Black Widow Chair Covers

Take 4 yards of black Tulle fabric and drape this over the back of a chair, letting the rest of it cascade down to the floor.  Tie an orange satin ribbon around the seat base of the chair and tie in a pretty bow.

Halloween Wreath

Grapevine wreath
Small Halloween wood cutouts or plastic shapes (Spiders, bats, pumpkins, etc.)
24-gauge wire
Hot glue gun
Fall leaf garland

Attach garland to the grapevine wreath with 24-gauge wire or hot glue. Arrange small Halloween decorations on the leaf garland and attach with hot glue. Tie a bow at the bottom.  Twist a small loop of wire and attach it to the back with the wire or more hot glue.  Hang and enjoy!

Tin Can Lanterns

Multiple empty tin cans

Wash cans thoroughly and sand down any sharp edges.  Place nail on the side of the can and tap lightly with a hammer.  Continue in this manner creating a pattern as you go.  Decorative patterns are beautiful or you can create a spider or pumpkin shape with the nail holes.  Place the can with the open side up and insert a tea light candle inside.  These are lovely lit in a line or in groups outside at your entry way or indoors on a mantle.