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Card Tricks


Card Tricks

Pick a card...any card! We've all heard it a time or two, and many of us have used that line as well. Card tricks are a very popular form of magic trick amongst magicians of all skill levels. Most people either know a simple card trick or have been shown one at some point. Our selection of card tricks, books, DVD's and expert instructions at Halloween Express will give you all the necessary how-to's that you need to need to entertain your friends and be the life of your next party!

Magician videos, magician books, Las Vegas cards, Trick cards and Double face decks! Professional magicians still often use cards in their magic shows, as playing cards are a prop that is easy to work with, is readily available and is also very versatile. Card tricks have probably been around since the time that playing cards became commonplace, sometime in the second half of the 14th century. Card tricks have always been popular because the necessary equipment to perform a trick is easily obtained, and depending on the skill level of the magician, tricks can range from the very simple, to some that are much more complicated with elaborate illusions. Whether you are a novice or more seasoned magician, a good card trick or two is an important part of your magic repertoire. Thrill and baffle your friends with astounding card magic -- only you will ever know how you actually did it!