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Collector's Memorabilia


Collector's Memorabilia

Our collection of movie memorabilia for collectors and otherwise is impressive. From replica Darth Vader helmets, to "Jason" (Halloween) hockey masks, your authentic recreation of infamous characters can now be taken to a new level of authenticity and realism with these fabulous renditions from your favorite films.

Batman fiberglass prop, Harry Potter Dobby prop, Darth Vader helmet and Hellboy mask! For years collectors of all types have been realizing the fun of obtaining memorabilia that is associated with the cinema. Movies have created the desire amongst consumers to obtain items that are either replicas or recreations of the actual pieces used in the movies themselves. These items can cover a wide range of components including props, costumes and masks. Whether you are a die-hard collector of such memorabilia or not, sometimes there is nothing like what appears to be the "real deal" for Halloween or other dress up activities.