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Fog Machines

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Fog Machines

Setting a really spooky mood is a huge part of Halloween decorating; whether you are creating a Haunted house, a creepy spook alley, or just setting up your yard for Halloween night, getting that Halloween vibe just right is essential. Once you have your decorations, props and lighting set, there is one more item you may want to consider that will escalate your Halloween set up to an entirely new level of spookiness. Consider adding a fog machine to your display!

The Best Fog Machines of 2016

Fog machines come in a wide variety of sizes and complexities, some of these fog machines are even part of a super scary Halloween decoration or prop, making your spooky decorating easy and nearly instantaneous. Imagine a freaky zombie or decaying corpse spewing fog as it greets your guests! So scary!

Don’t miss out on one of the creepiest details ever when it comes to Halloween decorating--for the most frightening ambience ever, a fog machine is an absolute mist have!

Confused about fog machines? Want to know more about how they work, the types of machines available or the proper use? Check out our article and video titled, ALL ABOUT FOG MACHINES. This resource takes the mystery out of choosing the right fog machine for your application.