Mummy Decor and Props

Our selection of mummies is going to give your Halloween decorating something that looks like it walked right out of Ancient Egypt - or modern Hollywood. Either way, make sure a mummy finds its way out of the afterlife and right in your house or yard!

Mummy costumes, Mummy masks, Makeup kits, Gauze, Mummy parts and Mummy props! Mummies can be traced back to many ancient civilizations, most famously the Ancient Egyptians, although mummies have been discovered in other countries such as Peru, China, Japan and Tibet. A mummy is basically a dried out body, so their discovery in very arid or frigid climates is not surprising. Moisture causes a body to decompose but if the moisture is dried out or frozen (naturally or purposefully) the mummification process can occur. In Ancient Egypt, the mummification process was highly desired after death but could usually only be afforded by very wealthy people, or those of royal descent. Mummification was thought to ensure immortality. Bodies were put through a thorough drying out process where all internal organs were removed and fluids were completely drained. After the body was cleansed with wine, the body was filled with salt and then stuffed with perfumes. Linen strips that were soaked in a resin were then used to completely wrap the body, ensuring its preservation. The entire idea of mummies and the mummification process went largely unnoticed until the discovery of King Tut's tomb in 1923 by Howard Carter. As the excavation made the news, people became more and more fascinated with the idea of mummies. A couple of weeks after King Tut's tomb was opened, the sponsor of the excavation, Lord Carnavan, died suddenly from a form of blood poisoning. Many urban legends surrounding this event soon came to light. Curses surrounding mummies and other such topics began to spring up in the media and soon afterward in film. Eventually the notion of mummies coming back to life found their way into Halloween celebrations, too.