Party Supplies

Party Supplies

No matter what your Halloween party plans include, you are going to find everything you need right here for simple and even very elaborate haunted affairs. From Halloween themed beverage containers, to really ghoulish party ornaments and favors, our huge selection has everything you need to create a fun, yet frightening Halloween theme. Make your Halloween festivities the talk of the town with our spook-tacular selection of Halloween party supplies!

Skull beer funnels, Goblets, Shot glases, Skeleton ladle and Relight Candles! Hundreds of years ago, a festival known as Samhain, or the Feast of the Dead, was celebrated on October the 31st. This holiday marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the cold days of the winter season. Although Halloween celebrations are much different in today's modern times than they were in ancient days, these parties are still an integral part of our lives. Halloween festivities are extremely popular and the traditions that surround this popular holiday run deep.

In ancient days the celebrations that surrounded October 31 were a little bit different than those we have today. Many of the games or activities in which people participated surrounded a concept known as divination. Because of the unique nature of 0ctober 31, it was said that certain predictions could be made on this day. For example, if one were to peel an apple so that it created one very long, elongated peel, and then take the peel, toss it over your shoulder, the peel would supposedly land on the ground in the shape of the initial of the person one would eventually marry. Another such activity was one involving a mirror. If an unmarried woman looked into a mirror on October the 31, it was said that the image of the man she would marry would be reflected back. If by unlucky chance a skull was reflected back, it meant that the woman was destined to die before any marriage would occur. These people were obviously very superstitious!

Nowadays, Halloween parties and traditions are much more fun. Bobbing for apples is a common Halloween game that has been around for many years. Apples are set afloat in a tub of water. Without using their hands, participants must use their mouths to grab a hold of an apple with their teeth. Another popular traditional game is where donuts are suspended from strings and participants must eat the donut (once again without hands) while it is suspended in the air. The process is sticky and a bit messy, but it's all in good fun.