Halloween Portraits

If you are looking for some unexpectedly sophisticated yet hauntingly mesmerizing Halloween props that are worth staring at, a few haunted portraits to hang up in your home are a worthy investment. Smile and say cheese for a truly horror-able picture from Halloween Express!

Horror portraits, Haunted paintings, Hologram portraits and Halloween paintings! Nowadays portraits are commonplace. Simply stated, a portrait is a photograph, painting, sketch or sculpture of person's face. The subject is usually positioned so that he seems to look directly at you. In the olden days before photography was widely available, an artist was often commissioned to recreate an accurate image of a person for remembrance or posterity's sake. Most commonly, portraits were made for only the most wealthy or influential people, as the process of creating a good portrait was very time consuming. Today, sitting for a portrait is usually done photographically and most everyone has one done at some point in life. Smile for the camera - click - and the image is captured. Your face will be smiling at your descendents from that point on. Old photographs and portraits are the kind of things that people tend to hold on to and pass down from generation to generation. (Perhaps you should have taken that 5th grade picture a little more seriously!) Because of this, it's not unusual for families to have lots of old photos as well as portraits of various relatives stored away or even hanging on the walls of their homes. We're guessing that most of the portraits you do have displayed in your home aren't quite like the ones we've gathered here in our collection, however. Some of these portraits are downright ghoulish and frightening. Others at first glance, look almost like an old time photograph of your favorite Uncle Dan or Aunt Hazel--that is until the photograph morphs right before your eyes into something a lot more ghastly and definitely, very long deceased.