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Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced puppeteer, our selection of high quality puppet products is going to give you much to choose from for your next act. From the very frightful, nearly demonic characters to the more classically cute puppet styles, your puppet show can now be one class act.

Vent figures, Clown puppets, Latex puppets, Vampire puppets and Halloween puppets! In even the most ancient civilizations, evidence has been discovered that proves that rudimentary puppets were a part of that culture. Thousands of years B.C., stick puppets in India were being used to recreate infamous Indian epics and although the stories were sacred, the puppets were used primarily as a source of entertainment. During the Middle Ages, puppets were used to teach religious subjects throughout Europe. In fact, Monks and Priests were oftentimes the puppeteers! Bible stories and other religious doctrines were reenacted during the puppet shows. The Nativity story was a frequent religious tale that was acted out with puppets. As time went on during the 14th and 15th centuries, religious themes seemed to disappear from puppetry and more comedic influences were introduced. It was discovered and appreciated that puppets could act in a way that would never be socially acceptable for a human being to behave, and this fact was very entertaining to many. Puppetry continued to gain in popularity. Puppets were never self-conscious and there seemed to be no limit to the absurdities that could be portrayed through their actions in this ancient type of theatre. Puppets never were concerned about being made to act out, or act up in any way, and audiences were always greatly amused by a puppet's entertaining shenanigans. Today's puppets are much more sophisticated and easier to manipulate than those of yesteryear. Life like puppets that are used by ventriloquists, (professional or novice) can be hilarious sidekicks for a puppeteer. These kooky characters can provide great entertainment at your next party or variety show.