Signs & Wall Hangings

Creepy Halloween Signs and Wall Hangings

Invite your guests to your ghostly Halloween haunt with some carefully selected signs and wall hangings designed to scare while they adorn your home in a frightful, just for Halloween way. Directional signs can lead the way into haunted caverns or perhaps you just want to hang up something ghastly to take your guests breath away. With our huge selection of signs and wall décor, you will be able to add something chilling and hair-raising to virtually every nook and cranny.

Creepy greeter signs, Hanging decorations, Halloween portraits and Halloween paintings! During the 15-1600's, people in Europe frequently believed that the Devil was making people do his evil bidding through the use of witches. For this reason witches (real or not) were very feared. During this time it was common for anyone who had strange circumstances occur in their life or even an unusual string of unfortunate events, to be accused of being a witch. As the years went on it even became legendary that on Halloween night, witches (along with their animal companions-frequently were black cats) would fly around in the midnight sky.

During these historic periods, people were known to be very superstitious, mostly because there were many things about their existence that they didn't understand. Sometimes paranormal or supernatural beliefs (although false) could offer them some kind of explanation or comfort to their lives. It was not uncommon during this time period for people to ask for help from ghosts or fairies around Halloween time. Ghosts were thought to be set free during the celebration of the dead and because of their supposed presence, many would request things of them, such as spell-casting or various types of foretelling the future.

The presence of spirits and ghosts, (and because the spirits were not necessarily predictable or friendly), required some precautionary measures. On Halloween night, it was commonplace for villagers to carry around lanterns created from turnips. The turnips were carefully carved with the images of grotesque or monstrous faces, which were thought to scare off evil spirits that may be about. Sometimes large bonfires would be lit for much the same purpose - to scare off evil spirits. Nowadays you don't hear too much about Halloween bonfires being set, but it's still common for people to light candles and burn them inside a carefully cut out Jack O' Lantern. Even though most people don't believe in ghosts or witches either, they are still some of the most common symbols associated with Halloween as it is celebrated today.