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Special Effects

Special Effects

When it comes to special effects, sometimes it all comes down to smoke and mirrors. You can probably blame it on Hollywood. We've all become spoiled by the film industry's use of amazing special effects that can create life-like gory images, which are further enhanced by special effects, lighting as well as unique sound design. When it comes to Halloween decorating, at home we want nothing less than that, or at least we want to get pretty darn close. Halloween Express has the perfect mix of Halloween special effects that are sure to get your haunt or home noticed!

Fog machines, Voice modifiers, Strobe lights, Fun mirrors and Cobweb machines! Halloween has become the perfect holiday to pull out all the stops when it comes to the use of great smoke and fog techniques, superlative (and really scary) sound effects, unique and special lighting and many of the other special tricks of the trade. With the careful use of these details, you can take your Halloween decorating up to a whole new level that will definitely add a little Hollywood flair to your house, yard or haunted house. Our vast selection of special effects includes fog machines, voice modifiers, mirrors, props, and handy little secret tools that are going to give your display an extra haunted as well as unique edge. It's all in the details and our selection of these will help you find just what you need.