Tombstones & Coffins

Tombstones and Coffins

From the simple and somewhat innocuous grave markers, to headstones that come with what looks like a potential former grave inhabitant, you are going to find everything you need to make your own spooky graveyard right here in our tombstone and coffin selection!

Cracked tombstones, Tombstones with skulls, Coffin props and Full size coffins! Centuries ago, when Halloween was still known as "All Hallows Day," it was thought that on the evening before the celebration would begin, the souls of the dearly departed would arise from the dead to take one final walk on the earth. This was also a day to remember deceased relatives and to honor them. Some superstitious villagers were even known to set a place for their deceased relatives at the dinner table! It's not surprising then that a cemetery became a source of great mystery, especially during this particular holiday celebration. Obviously cemeteries have their own emotions surrounding them, as they are the final resting places for those that have died. On "All Hallows" eve, it was thought that the souls of the dead would arise to take their final sojourn around the earth. The naturally superstitious folks that lived in this day in age were prepared in all sorts of ways for the arrival of these spirits, both the good and the bad. It's likely that they had their own feelings about hanging out anywhere near a burial ground or cemetery. With its roots in ancient celebrations like "All Hallows Day," Halloween is the perfect time to decorate your yard or house with things like tombstones and coffins.