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Use our vast selection of witches and witch apparatus to add some enchanting details to your Halloween display. Cute witches, funny witches, frightening evil witches - all are here, along with every witch accoutrement that you could possibly need, from brooms and cauldrons to crystal balls.

Witch props, Inflatable Witch, Hanging Witch and Matilda Animated Witch! Historically, witches were thought to be working directly with the Devil, in order to do his bidding, which was to work as antagonists against Christianity. Witches were thought to use their powers to harm people, but in some places in history they were actually considered healers. Unfortunately, due to the superstitious nature of people in ancient times, there were plenty of innocent people that were labeled as witches. A person could be accused of practicing witchcraft simply because of a series of misfortunes that had occurred, or sometimes because of a neighbor being angry or upset with them. This enmity between them could result in the accusation of being a witch. It was also thought that some people could be witches and not even realize it, that they carried with them some intangible characteristics or qualities that made them actually a witch. (Basically this means that you had to mind your P's and Q's as anyone was potentially up for suspicion.) Witches of old became most known for their magical spells or ability to conjure up spirits for the purpose of fortunetelling, which at that time was known as divination. Myths, legends and folklore ruled the day and the very superstitious people relied on spells, incantations and rituals as part of every day life. Brooms were obviously used by witches, but not necessarily for flying. A broom was used to cleanse and prepare the area where magic or spells were to be performed. Since it was thought that on "All Hallows Eve" witches were able to fly, somehow over the years the handy broom became the obvious choice of flying apparatus. Cauldrons were used to mix up potions, which often were part of "spell-casting." Witches have been around for thousands of years and their legends run deep. Decorating for Halloween will always require some of these bewitching as well as traditional symbols.