DIY Recycled Halloween Costumes for Kids

DIY Recycled Halloween Costumes for Kids

DIY Costumes for KidsWhen Halloween starts to draw closer, parents cringe at the prices of Halloween costumes. The truth is that parents can make great Halloween costumes for their kids right at home, using materials that they have on hand. In most cases, your kids may not even notice the difference between your costume and the one from the store. One way to get your kids to love their homemade Halloween costume is to get them involved in the process of making it. Not only will they get a great costume out of it, but they will also get the sense of accomplishment that comes with helping to make a costume that their friends think is very cool.

  • Homemade Elvis Costume: If you have been raising your little one to listen to Elvis Presley, then you have probably also been showing your child videos and pictures of the King in action. With a little glitter and glue and a pair of gold-rimmed sunglasses you can get from the store for a couple of dollars, you can turn any dark sweatsuit into a glittering Elvis Presley costume.
  • Make Your Child a Superhero: Some kids dream of being Spider-Man or Batman, but most kids dream of being a superhero of their own. If you have some old colored fabric lying around and an old bed sheet, then you have everything you need to create your own superhero costume. Use the colored fabric to make the logo and then make the cape from the old bed sheet. Glue or safety pins holds it all together, and your child can be their own superhero.
  • Dora the Explorer: Not many homemade Halloween costumes give you the chance to improve your little girl's wardrobe while creating the costume. She needs a pink shirt, red shorts, and a purple backpack. The chances are good that you already have what you need. But if you don't, then a little clothes shopping will solve that problem.
  • Flash a Crocodile Smile: Here is your chance to put those boxes to use that have been piling up in your house. Take a long, narrow box and cut a crocodile mouth in it. Use some white paint or white construction paper for the teeth and some yellow construction paper for the eyes. If a crocodile doesn't appeal to your little one, then call it a dragon and color it green.
  • A Bank Robber: It may not be the kind of job you want your child to aspire to, but it is an easy costume to make. You can either use an old black shirt that you have lying around or go buy some black felt to cut out the mask. Get a paper grocery bag, tie it off at the top, and write a big dollar sign on it for the money bag. Put all-black clothing on your child and you have the closest that you hope your child ever gets to being a bank robber.
  • DIY PBS Character Costumes: If your child is a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine, Curious George, or Daniel Tiger, dress your child up as their favorite character with these simple costume ideas.
  • Become a Jedi Knight: Creating a Jedi knight costume for your child is actually very easy. You can be very specific about this, or you can just work with what you have. The clothing portion is simply a brown shirt, a brown pair of sweatpants, and dark sneakers or shoes. To get the Jedi effect, you can use a light brown bathrobe or a light brown jacket that is about four sizes too big. Use a brown scarf to tie the jacket off at the waist and you have a Jedi. A few modifications could also turn this into a Yoda costume.

Recycled Costumes

  • A Rocket Kid: If your child is interested in outer space and space travel, then you can create a space costume they will love. Take two plastic soda bottles, glue them together, and paint them silver. Then, run black yarn through the top and bottom of the two bottles and use the yarn to tie the bottles to your child. The space outfit can be a white sweatshirt, white sweatpants, and a white pair of sneakers. Wrap some tinfoil around the arms and legs and it is off to outer space!
  • Cookies and Milk: Sometimes, parents like to dress up with their children at Halloween, and here is the perfect DIY costume idea to help that along. Find two large pieces of cardboard and cut them into circles small enough for your child to wear. Paint brown circles on the cardboard, staple ribbons to the top, and then hang them on your child. Your child then becomes a chocolate chip cookie. For mom, take a cardboard box and cut out holes for the head, legs, and arms. Paint the box white and then paint a milk box logo on it. Mom and child can go out as milk and cookies.
  • Olympic Champs: This is an easy costume that you can create for any child. Take a piece of cardboard and use a drinking glass to trace a circle on the cardboard. Then, cut the cardboard in a circular pattern and paint it gold. Then, glue or staple a ribbon to the cardboard and you have an Olympic medal. For the simplest finish to this costume, simply dress your child in a dark sweat suit and present the medal. Now, you have an Olympic champion to send out trick or treating.