Cat in the Hat Accessories

The Cat in the Hat is still considered a relevant children's classic, even well over 50 years since it was originally written. Your child will be delighted to dress up as the cat himself and can do so easily using the numerous Cat in the Hat accessories available in our large selection.

We have Cat in the Hat Accessories! During the 1950's there was some concern amongst teachers and educators that children were not learning to read as well as they could. A man named John Hershey wrote about his concerns and what he perceived as the causes in an article that was featured in Life magazine in 1954. In his article, Hershey blamed some of the lack of enthusiasm for reading on the school primers that were being used at the time. (Can you say Dick and Jane?) Hershey claimed that the children featured in these school primers were "abnormally courteous, unnaturally clean boys and girls." In response to this article Dr. Seuss was challenged to write a book for children that contained many of the words that 6 year olds should know. He wrote "The Cat in the Hat," which contains 225 of the 348 words that were listed. Children were delighted with this tale about a mischievous cat that comes to visit a couple of children while their mother is out and creates a lot of crazy chaos. On another level, a character legend was also born.