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Cat in the Hat Costumes


Cat in the Hat Costumes

The character from the Cat in the Hat is a popular one for dress up for many popular events. The Cat in the Hat can come to life easily with one of our amazing Cat in the Hat costumes, featuring all his notorious styling details such as the large red and white striped hat and loopy red bow tie. Make your school function or other dress up occasion featuring this wacky cat extra special with one of our fabulous costumes!

We have Cat in the Hat costumes! Ever since 1954 when Dr. Seuss first wrote The Cat in the Hat, the main cat character in the story has captivated and amused children all around the world. The mischievous cat, donned in a very large red and white striped hat, shows up on the doorstep of two children that are home alone while their mother has stepped out for a little while. In a very short period of time, all sorts of mischief and mayhem breaks out which of course both confuses and amuses the kids. The cat is very entertaining to the kids and to readers of the story as well. The Cat in the Hat and his crazy shenanigans and bizarre set of rainy day adventures has been a favorite story of children everywhere for well over 50 years. Dr. Seuss originally wrote The Cat in the Hat books in order to give something more exciting than the boring plain vanilla primers that were available to young children who were learning to read. The Cat in the Hat quickly became a children's classic and still is considered a most beloved young children's story. Kids are so enthralled with the silly antics of the cat that they likely don't even realize the great source of reading material this book is for young readers.