Horton Hears a Who


Horton Hears a Who Costumes

Recreating the character of Horton is easy and your child will be delighted with one of our costumes designed after the brave and gentle Horton. One of the most treasured stories written by Dr. Seuss can be brought to life through creative dress up, for Halloween or any day. Do you hear a Who, too?

We have Horton and Who costumes! One of Dr. Seuss' most beloved children's tales is Horton Hears a Who. Horton, a sweet and lovable elephant, lives a peaceful existence in the jungle of Nool. Horton is well known for his great knowledge of the outdoors and is Nool's authority on all things to do with nature. On an otherwise normal day, Horton notices a speck of dust that falls off a flower. As the speck passes by him, Horton thinks he hears something. Horton realizes (quite amazingly) that an entire village of Whos is living inside this tiny speck of dust! Horton realizes in horror that the entire Whoville will be destroyed if he doesn't find a safer place for them to exist. Horton, in an effort to save the Whos living in the dust speck, takes a somewhat perilous journey to the top of Mt. Nool to bring the Whos to what he considers to be the safest place in the jungle.