The Grinch Costumes


Grinch Costumes

This beloved children's story teaches a wonderful lesson about the true meaning of Christmas. The Grinch will always be considered one of the most notorious of all Christmas haters on record, too. Use our fabulous Grinch ensemble to bring this amazing character to life as a hilarious part of your holiday festivities.

We have Grinch costumes! Not feeling much in the Christmas spirit this year? Or perhaps you are just looking for a humorous costume to wear to your next Christmas party? Recreating the Grinch character from Dr. Seuss' children's classic story "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" is a hilarious way to get your message across. This angry, bitter (and green) character, constantly annoyed by the Whos down in Whoville and their festive celebrations surrounding Christmas, decides that he will steal their Christmas away--thus he won't have to listen to their joyful noise any longer. What the Grinch realizes once he has pilfered away all the decorations, presents and food is that Christmas happened anyway, and that the Whos were still happy, singing and celebrating as always. A remarkable change occurs inside the Grinch with this epiphany and he becomes a new sort of person going forward.