Summer is over, and it’s finally fall. Leaves are changing, the weather is cooling, everything is pumpkin-flavored – and Halloween is almost here. Whether it’s carving pumpkins or hitting a haunted house, everyone has their favorite Halloween tradition. For many, it’s the best time to watch one of their favorite scary movies. The question is: which one?

Since there are so many scary movies to choose from, we took four of our favorite Halloween classics and emojified them. Check out the videos below to relive some of the scariest moments in cinematic history.

The slasher film “Scream” has quickly evolved into a Halloween classic since its release 20 years ago. The film starts with a simple phone call, but the unknown caller terrifies us all by revealing he is watching his victim. Ghostface – who stalks Neve Campbell’s character Sidney – has become a Halloween costume favorite since the movie’s release. It even inspired an MTV television series. The movie sparked an entire category of Scream related costumes, masks and accessories.

Watch our take on the film below. We promise you’ll never look at the popular scream emoji the same way again.

“The Exorcist” was released in 1973, terrifying America with a little girl. Linda Blair spooked everyone playing as the possessed 12-year-old Regan. Her head spinning around in a circle and her projectile vomiting are hard to forget, even more than 40 years later. The horror classic is slated for the small screen this fall, as a new series on Fox.

Watch below to see Regan get possessed one more time, but we recommend watching this one with the lights on.

“Psycho” is the oldest film on our list, but its infamous shower scene has to be the scariest. After the movie debuted in 1960, you could never be sure who was lurking behind your shower curtain. In the scene, Janet Leigh’s character, Marion Crane, meets her untimely end courtesy of Norman Bates and his knife. This fall, we may get to witness this scene again, as Rihanna was recently cast as Marion Crane in the popular TV series Bates Motel.

Watch the video below to visit this ominous motel.

It wouldn’t be Halloween without watching “Halloween.” The film stars a teenaged Jamie Lee Curtis, who is followed around by a mysterious masked man. The enormously popular film spawned eight sequels, and a new tenth “Halloween” film was just announced. Jamie Lee Curtis has even kept her status as a “Scream Queen,” and will appear on the second season of the aptly titled “Scream Queens” this fall on Fox. Of course we don't need to tell you just how scary Halloween is, that's why folks love it. More than ever consumers these days are gearing up for the holiday by decorating their homes. Scary Halloween decor is now one of the top selling Halloween decorating categories.

Watch below to get some Halloween trick or treats

I Scream, You Scream

Whether it’s an exorcism or a crazed murderer, these Halloween horror classics are sure to send a shiver up your spine. If you choose to watch just one of the films or even all four, you’re bound to scream – even if you have seen these movies a dozen times before.

If you’re inspired to dress up like your favorite scary movie character this Halloween, we have you covered at Halloween Express. From Ghostface in “Scream” to Michael Myers in “Halloween,” you’ll be sure to have the best costume of the night.


We watched four of our favorite scary movies and retold them in emoji form.

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