Classic Girls Costumes

Family Friendly Classic Girl's Costumes (G-Rated)

When it comes to girls, some styles of costumes will always be en vogue and you can be sure to find many styles to choose from in our classic collection that are anything but basic or boring. Devils, Princesses, Storybook Characters, Pirates and Clowns are just a few of the exciting as well as interesting characters you will find in our classic costume selection for girls. Of course, if you want to find traditional (and somewhat frightening) Halloween garb, you will find all sorts of ghouls and monster costumes from ghosts and witches to vampires and zombies. Classic never loses its appeal or goes out of style but here at Halloween Express, classic means anything but humdrum!

When it comes to girls and costumes, some of the styles, fashions and characters have changed throughout time both according to the whims of fashion and due to the various influences found in pop culture. There are, however, some costume styles that are considered classic! Classic by definition means that these costumes are going to continuously be in fashion because of their simplicity or because their design never loses its appeal for Halloween. Halloween costumes in their deepest origins were traditionally frightful or scary. This was because ancient people were wearing these scary costumes in order to scare off evil spirits that they believed might be running rampant on All Hallows Eve. Although in our modern day, this archaic notion is a bit outdated, scary costumes representing witches, ghouls, ghosts and other monster type beings will always be in style on Halloween. Other costumes have been adopted into the classic genre, even though they aren't necessarily scary or frightful. These styles are considered classic because of their universal appeal year after year, demonstrating popularity amongst the masses that never really fades.

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