Fairy Costumes

Family Friendly Fairy Costumes

Our rather large selection of family friendly Fairy costumes has a wide variety of Fairy garb for every kind of Fairy "dress-up" imaginable. Our selection includes costumes for many traditional Fairies, Butterfly Fairies, lovely Gossamer winged Fairies, Dark Gothic Fairies and even some rather dichotomous Witch Fairies, just to name a few. We have just the perfect fairy costume for any potential fairy wannabe--from the very smallest toddler-sized fairies to the bigger, grown up girl versions. No pixie dust required.

Fairy's --the not always so innocent pixies of the woodland--have a rich history in children's literature and folklore. After all, they don't call this brand of kid's stories "fairy tales" for nothing. In both tale and custom, fairies have a wide variety of personalities, but one thing is universal amongst them. Fairies usually have some kind of magical or metaphysical power that can be used for a wide range of purposes to suit the individual fairy's fancy. Fairies also are notoriously mischievous and some, like the infamous Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, have a bit of a jealous streak that runs through them. You don't really want to get on the bad side of a fairy--even these somewhat innocuous looking winged beings can take their angst out on those that cross them and the results may not always be so sweet and innocent. Because of the mystery, beauty and fanciful nature of these small beings, fairies are a costume dress up favorite. Fairy characters have been featured in many children's stories throughout the ages and many legends surround them as well. We've all heard of the Sugar Plum fairy and of course, the infamous Tooth Fairy who sneaks in to replace a child's lost tooth with a shiny coin. Let's face it--when it comes to a character that has the right combination of beauty, power and mischievousness, the fairy might just be it.