Food Costumes

Family Friendly Food Costumes

Our collection of exciting (and almost delectable) food costumes has plenty of getups that are definitely silly, funny, not to mention a bit whimsically delicious. Some of these costumes are downright sentimental favorites! You can't look at this collection of family favorite food costumes and not find some of the things that you yourself have known and loved from a part of your life. Making a costume out of your favorite snack is likely to be a hilarious expression of your inner personality and also is a quick and easy way to be the hit of your next costume party! There's a food or beverage costume for every member of your family--small or large. From baby bananas to a man-sized pizza slice, you and your entire crew can easily create a super costume smorgasbord with one of these fabulous costumes! It's a recipe for Halloween success!

Whether you want to admit it or not, our lives as humans revolve around food. As human beings we need food for our sustenance as well as our survival, but our relationship with food goes far beyond that. Food creates memories for us. Certain holidays will always be associated with various menu items and special celebrations usually will have a memorable meal involved with them. From the time we are small, certain food items will create a kind of kinship with us that we carry on throughout our lives. It can be something as simple as that favorite candy bar or snack food that we enjoyed as a child that brings back fond memories, or something that we associate with an event we enjoy, like hotdogs and peanuts devoured during a baseball game. No matter what we do in our lives, our relationship with food will always be there. It's no wonder then that when it comes to food and beverages, all of us have our favorites that have come about through years of events and life experiences. Some items will and do have a unique sentimental attachment to them and when it comes to costumes, that's where some genuine food fun can come into play.