Pirate Costumes

Family Friendly Pirate Costumes

Our collection of family friendly Pirate costumes contains a wide range of Pirate looks and costumes for every member of your family, including infants and toddlers right through fully grown up adult costumes that also come in many size ranges, including Plus sizes. Becoming a family that Pirate's together, marauding on the deep blue seas for Halloween is an adventure you, your first mate and crew will not want to miss out on. Ahoy Matey and shiver me timbers! A Pirate's life for me.

Argggh. Methinks you've come t' the right place if you be lookin' t' become a Pirate this Halloween. Pirates are fascinating characters with a somewhat dubious reputation in history. However shady or colorful their past may have been, today's Pirate characters seem to have gotten a bit of a makeover when it comes to their somewhat sketchy pasts. Once considered true rogues of the sea, terrorizing the ocean was their game and modus operandi, and there didn't seem to be much limit to how low they would go when it came to committing crimes in order to advance their cause. No matter what version of a Pirate character you may prefer to make your own, there are plenty to choose from thanks to Hollywood and the rich characters found within Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie franchise. Yes, the typical sea-faring evil ruffians are still part of the cast, but you can also find some slightly morphed askew Pirate characters that are not quite so evil and are a little (dare we say it) soft, and almost a tad sensitive. Jack Sparrow has quickly become the quintessential favorite Pirate character, embodying the rough and ready Pirate persona to a certain extent, but because he prefers using his wit instead of any acts of violence, Jack retains a lovable quirkiness and slight vulnerability about him. Becoming Jack or any of his compatriots for Halloween dress up is sure to be a fun adventure that any landlubber is likely to fully embrace.