Western Costumes

Family Friendly Western Costumes

Whether you want to become a modern day version of Wyatt Earp, a sassy Saloon Girl, a Can Can dancer or even a '49er from the California Gold Rush, our family friendly Western costume collection has western wear for all ages. With something here for every member of your family, bringing the Wild West to life again is easy with one of these grand costumes. From costumes to accessories, you will find the whole kit and kaboodle right here in our Family Friendly Western section so you can pony right up and skedaddle out to have yourself a rightful good time.

Yee Haw! It's time to take a trip back into history when the western territories were young, untamed and were taken over by a new spirit of adventure. During the latter half of the 19th century, many things were happening in what is now known as the western part of the United States. The history, people and folklore from this time period is often known as the "Wild West"--largely because of the lack of a true judicial system in these new territories; order was often kept through what was known as "frontier justice". Looking back on the brave men and women that forged west to find land, gold, religious freedom or any number of their hearts desires, there is no doubt that these were brave, fearless and undaunted people who were willing to risk everything in order to live the lives they so desired and dreamed of. Recreating a character from the period known as the Wild West can be very exciting for both kids as well as adults. Not only are these characters colorful and charismatic, but also many of them are rich in history and legend. Rugged cowboys, outlaws, Mexican bandits, Cowgirls and even many authentic looking Native American costume looks are part of our Western costume collection.