Frequently Asked Questions - Payments

What payment options do you offer?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal and Wire Transfers (see details below). Sorry, no purchase orders, checks, money orders or COD shipments. Large orders and orders where the "ship-to address" does not match the "bill-to address" may be subject to verification via phone which could delay the order at least one business day.    Sales tax (currently 6%) is collected on orders shipped to addresses in the State of Kentucky.

Wire Transfer Payment Information

If you'd like to complete the checkout process by paying via Wire Transfer, you need to do the following:

1. Create an account online with us using a U.S. based shipping address. This process only works for orders shipped within the United States.
2. Place the items you wish to purchase in your shopping cart. Total cart value must be at least $500.

Assuming you have completed these two steps, use this wiretransfer link found in our Contact Us page to advise us you have created an account, added the items you wish to purchase to your cart and wish to complete the payment process via wire transfer. Well need to know the name and email address you used to setup your account online that contains the items in your shopping cart. We will respond back via email with wire transfer instructions. Once we receive the wire transfer, we will add those funds to your online account and you can complete the checkout process from there. It typically takes one business day to process a wire transfer order.

PLEASE NOTE . . . During the months of September and October when inventory levels are literally changing every minute, it's possible that an item you placed in your shopping cart is in stock but by the time the wire transfer process has completed (typically one business day later) the item may no longer be available when you are ready to complete the checkout process. In this case you will have the option of choosing another item that is in-stock or accepting a refund in the form of a credit voucher which can be used on our site at a later date. We cannot issue a refund for wire transfer payments.

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My credit card was declined but I know the card is good. What can I do?

In most cases the reason a credit card is declined is because the billing address you entered during the check out process does not match the address the card issuer has on file (what is referred to as an AVS address mismatch). It is important this information match exactly or your transaction will be declined. Note too that you need to make sure the phone number you provide is the same as what the card issuer has on file. If you've confirmed the information you've provided is correct and your transaction is still declined, we suggest contacting the card issuer. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do in these situations. We cannot accept an order without authorizing the transaction.

Please Note: If you have made one attempt at authorizing your purchase and it was declined due to a billing address mismatch, wait at least 5 minutes before attempting a second authorization. Back-to-back attempts at charging the same credit card in less than 5 minute increments will typically be declined no matter what.

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At what point is my credit card account charged for my purchase?

At the time you place your order we authorize your card for the amount of the purchase. Then, the transaction is settled that evening which is when your account is actually charged. If in the rare occasion all or part of your order cannot be fulfilled, we will contact you to issue a refund.

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Is my credit card and personal information secure using your site?

We want you to know we have taken every precaution to ensure you have a positive and safe experience in shopping with us. We take your business seriously and use every reasonable precaution necessary to ensure your shopping experience is safe! Halloween Express uses Secure Socket Layer (aka “SSL”) encryption to keep your private information and credit card information as secure as possible. From the beginning to the end of your transaction your credit card account number is never stored in our systems. Neither is your expiration date or CVV2 number (all of which are needed to complete a transaction). All we get is the last 4 digits of your credit card account and the authorization from the Authorize.NET worldwide credit card processing system.

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A credit you issued has not yet appeared on my credit card billing statement. How long does this normally take?

The refund process typically takes 7 to 10 days for us to process - and up to 4 weeks during the busy Halloween and Christmas seasons (October to January). Your account will be updated with the refund information and an email will be sent to you too. Once we issue the refund to your credit card, how long it takes to appear on your account is dependent on when your credit card account statement cycles. For this reason it could take up to two billing cycles for the credit to appear during halloween season.

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Can I use a credit card with a billing address outside the United States?

We can accept PAYPAL with a billing address outside the United States. We can only accept Visa, MC, AMX and Discover credit cards from financial institutions within the United States and billing addresses inside the United States. This is a restriction placed on us by our credit card processor.

If you are an international customer shipping to a location inside the United States you can use PAYPAL to make your purchase online. As an alternative, if you wish to purchase $500 or more in merchandise, we can accommodate your order with payment via wire transfer. To place an order using this payment method, simply place the items you wish to purchase in your shopping cart and then proceed to our standard checkout using the US shipping address you are shipping to as both your billing and ship-to address. Next, contact our Customer Care department to advise us that you'd like to complete the checkout process with a wire transfer payment. We'll need to know the name and email address you used to setup your account online that contains the items in your shopping cart. We will respond back via email with wire transfer instructions. Once we receive the wire transfer, we will add the funds to your online account and you can complete the checkout process from there. It is important to note that this process will only work for orders that are being shipped to an address within the United States.

If you are an international customer shipping outside the United States, we have partnered with Global Shopex - a trusted third-party company to fulfill orders for our international customers. If you live outside the United States, you may now purchase from our website. Simply place any items you wish to purchase in your shopping cart and choose the "International Checkout" option which appears at the bottom of the shopping cart page. The items will automatically be transferred into a Global Shopex cart. Simply follow the instructions on the Global Shopex site to complete your transaction. Global Shopex customers may pay with Visa, Master Card, Amex, Discover, Diners Club, PayPal, Money Gram, Western Union & Bank Transfer. Global Shopex will process your payment and guarantee delivery. Once your order is completed, all inquires about your order should be directed to the Global Shopex Customer Service Department. Questions regarding international shipping costs or time frames should be directed to Global Shopex's Customer Service Department.

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My bank card company is showing multiple charges for my purchase with you. How can I get this fixed?

Let's be clear ... it is not possible for us to charge a bank card multiple times for the same order. Transactions must be initiated by the card holder using his/her PC online. So the fact that you're seeing what appears to be a duplicate or multiple charge tells us that during the checkout process, one of two things occurred:

  • Possibility #1: You clicked the Submit Button Multiple Times OR Refreshed your Browser during Checkout
  • Possibility #2: Your Credit/Debit Card was Declined for an AVS (address verification system) data mismatch.

Here's an explanation of each possibility along with what you can do.

Possibility #1

Clicking the Submit Button Multiple Times OR Refreshing the Browser during Checkout

In this scenario the "Submit" button is pressed multiple times during the checkout process causing your order to be submitted multiple times - which includes requesting bank approval for your purchase multiple times. The other way this can occur is if you click your browser's refresh button during the checkout process - which is the same as clicking the Submit button multiple times. If your browser page times out or "hangs" for any reason when you're in the checkout process DO NOT attempt to refresh your browser. Doing so will likely cause another order to be submitted along with another authorization on your credit/debit card. Instead, log into your account with us and check to see if the order was submitted / received. If it is, you do not need to try again. If your order does not appear in your account with us, then the items should still be in your shopping cart and you can attempt checking out again. It is important to understand that during the checkout process when you click the SUBMIT button, we have to connect to services outside of our network to get bank card approval. As such, we cannot control the speed of the network or the bank card processing systems. Sometimes during heavy loads it is possible for a page to time out or appear to hang. Our experience has been that in most cases, the only page that times out is the page in your browser telling you the transaction was completed - which means everything else completed.

So what can you do? Unfortunately nothing at this point. You can return the item(s) for a refund in accordance with our return policy if you'd like. Here's a link to our Refund & Return Policy page.

Possibility #2

Credit/Debit Card was Declined for an AVS (address verification system) data mismatch.

The process for authorizing a credit or debit card transaction requires two steps -- although it happens quickly. The first step is to verify that funds are available at the issuing bank. If funds are not available (e.g. over-limit status), the transaction is declined without going on to the second step. If funds are available, an approval code is issued for the available funds portion of the process and the transaction moves on to the second step of the process. The second step of the process is typically referred to as AVS or the Address Verification System. The AVS system is critical for fraud control and is in place to protect the cardholder.

In the AVS step the information you keyed for your billing address, card ID, expiration date and zip code are checked against what the issuing bank has on file for your account. If the information you keyed in matches, the transaction is considered "Approved" and we can proceed with processing your order. If however there is a data mismatch with any of the AVS information, the transaction will be "Declined" and we cannot proceed with processing your order. While the issuing bank approves the transaction in terms of having funds available, the transaction is still Declined to us due to the AVS data mismatch Unfortunately the merchant (that's us) is not informed as to why the transaction is declined, only that the transaction has been declined. In this situation we are only able to inform you that the transaction has been declined and ask you to carefully review the information you entered to make sure you didn't make an error. Unfortunately, because the financial side of the transaction was approved by the issuing bank, most banks will still place a "hold" on the funds for the amount of the purchase even though the transaction was declined to us due to the AVS mismatch

So what can you do? First, it is important to recognize we have no control over the bank card rules and regulations. This is the system banks have in place for processing debit and credit card transactions. To be sure, the rules for processing online credit card transactions are more rigid in order to combat fraud but we don't make the rules. We simply follow them. Therefore, there is nothing we can do to reverse a declined transaction in this situation since there is nothing for us to reverse -- the transaction was declined to us. We have not received authorization to charge your account multiple times and thus we are not able to reverse something that does not exist. Second, the "hold" placed on these funds in your account is only temporary. Most banks will lift the hold after one business day -- although some will take longer. You have to contact your bank to see what their policy is in these situations. And third, if you want more proof that we did not charge your account multiple times for the same order, send an email. Be sure to include a valid return email address and your name. We will respond back with a screen shot of the credit card processing system showing all transactions we made using your account. We'll also include the transaction ID which you can then follow up with your bank if you want.

While we know this situation can be very frustrating, we hope you'll understand we are not the source of your frustration. So please, don't shoot the messenger. We're merely playing by the rules others have setup.

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I misplaced my original order confirmation email. Where can I get a duplicate receipt for my purchase?

When you place your order with us, we send an email which is the original receipt for your purchase with us. If you have misplaced that email, you can print out a duplicate receipt by logging into your account online with us. Then, once you are logged in, select the order you wish to view and click on the 'PRINT RECEIPT' button appearing at the top of the page. To log into your account, use this link: Click Here

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Do you issue promotional discount coupon codes?

Yes, from time to time we issue promotional discount coupon codes for some of the items we sell on our web site. We do so either via our internal email list (click here to add your email address to our coupons list) or by distributing to our independent affiliate network (who in turn promote the coupon codes on their web sites). In all cases our customer service personnel do not have access to the list of promotional coupon codes to give to customers..

The discount coupon codes we issue always have a minimum spend requirement, a clear expiration date and a list of products the coupon either is or is not valid on. In all cases gift cards are from coupon usage. When we provide discount coupons to our independent affiliate network we do so with explicit instructions on how the coupon may be promoted along with the coupon's limitations and restrictions. Occasionally, mistakes are made in the promotion of our coupon codes. We cannot be held responsible for these mistakes made by our independent affiliates in the promotion coupon codes we've issued.

For our coupon policy terms and conditions, click here.

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