Angel & Devil Costumes

Angel and Devil Costumes for Girls

When it comes to girls Halloween costumes, both Angels and lil' Devils make super sassy as well as fun costumes for good reason, and little girls love them. Whichever end of the spectrum your child's costume desires fall on, bringing your little angel or your little devil to the party just got really easy!

We've all got a little morsel of each of them inside of us; so if you feel that you are really partly an angel, and sometimes a tad bit of a devil, too- you are far from alone. Historically, angels have been associated with heaven and are often considered to be godly messengers. Some folks believe in guardian angels; these are those heavenly beings that watch out for us here on the earth and perhaps even find ways to warn us when we are about to screw up. Some stories regarding angels do much to make us a bit curious and fuel our imagination; other tales of angels offer us comfort and strength. Devils, on the other hand, to many represent the darker side of life. The stereotypical image of the devil (red face, horns, tail and cloven hoofs) is the stuff good myths and legends are made of, but as history has progressed, this somewhat cartoony image of a devil has stuck. Representing darkness, temptation, evil or perhaps just a bit of troublemaking mischievousness, devils are usually construed as the polar opposite of the angel. Angel costumes are perfect for your very own sweet Angel (or Angel wannabe) and there is little more precious than your sweet cutie decked out in all white, wings and of course, a sparkling halo to top the look off. (You can almost hear angels singing, right?) Some girls will appreciate the humor as well as the irony of dressing up as a little devil. Looking so adorable decked out in red, with devilish horns and a tail-this little devil is far too cute to be anything close to naughty!