Clown Costumes

Clown Costumes for Girls

When it comes to clown costumes, our selection of costumes and accessories has a wide range of options in it, so you can create virtually any clown look you may desire. Sure, we have many girls clown costumes that fall into the traditional clown costume look, but we also have more sinister looking clown costumes and those that might be classified as a bit more bizarre, while some of our girls clown looks are just plain cute. No matter what your young girl is looking for when it comes to a clown costume and accessories, this collection is likely to get you plenty ready for a trip straight into the Big Top!

One of the most classic costume looks is that of the clown. Although many of us associate clowns with a more modern era and circus type show, the truth is that a form of clown has been around for thousands of years. It used to be that a clown (or sometimes a character known as a court jester) was an integral part of royal courts. These "clown" figures were indeed a source of entertainment to kings and other royal figures, but they were also looked to for advice and mentoring at times as well. Clowns primary purpose was, however, to entertain, and members of royalty were amused by clowns as they played musical instruments, danced, performed magic tricks and in short, did whatever it took to bring levity and amusement into the royal court. When you think of today's classic clowns, you likely are conjuring up an image of a figure heavily made up in a way that overly emphasizes facial and other body features in order to make them really stand out, almost in an obnoxious sort of way. Brightly colored hair and clothing usually finishes off the look. Through the use of make up or masks, clowns can be made to look happy, funny, sad and even at times, pretty darn scary. In one of the most popular Halloween looks, the gruesome, more frightening clown offers a truly two-faced presentation of what used to be primarily a jovial character.