Monster Costumes

Monster Costumes for Girls

What is brightly colored, cooler than cool, cute and sometimes furry, and is likely to be the envy of all your friends? An incredible Girl’s Monster costume! A far cry from the monsters of yesterday, these looks are trendy, fun and far friendlier than they are scary. With so many amazing costumes to choose from, monsters have never been this much fun!

You’ve heard it said that “girls just wanna have fun”--this could never be truer than it is for Halloween. Today’s savvy young ladies want it all--they want a costume look that is hip, cute, on-trend, popular and perhaps, just maybe, a little bit scary. To solve this costume dilemma, we’ve put together a pretty fantastic collection of Girl’s Monster costumes that we love--and we know you are going to love them, too. From your favorite characters of Monster High to other brightly colored monstrous beings of all shapes and sizes, this is a collection based on pure (mildly scary) fun. Your child is going to love them!