Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes for Girls

Your little lass will love the "made just for girls" pirate costumes as well as some pretty nifty accessories that are found in this collection. Make all your high sea adventures good ones!

When it comes to Halloween costumes or dress up fare, there is nothing quite as fun and exciting as the swashbuckling rogues of the high seas. Pirates have always been one of the most popular costume choices for kids but have been made even more so in recent years due to the exciting Disney film franchise known as Pirates of the Caribbean. These pirate characters have added new dimension as well as unique charisma to the pirate theme and kids everywhere are on board for lots of seafaring good times. Pirate costumes aren't just for boys, either. There are many pirate costume versions that are made especially and particularly for girls and plenty more that are more universal in nature. Whatever type of pirate your child has envisioned for her marauding dress up adventure is likely to be found in our huge collection of pirate costumes made just for girls. With more girly versions such as Barbie Pirate, Pirate Princess, High Seas Buccaneer Pirate and even a really pink pirate known as Captain Cutie, you can be assured that your little girl will be able to express her pirate dress up dreams in many different ways.