Princess Costumes

Princess Costumes for Girls

Dressing up as a Princess is the dream of many a young girl for Halloween or just for some really fun and imaginative play time. Our huge selection of Princess costumes will make this your last stop to find the perfect royal gear to make your child's night being a princess, simply magical.

She's already yours; but dress up time is really the perfect time to let the world know how much of a princess your little girl really is. Princess garb is almost a right of passage in the female universe, and with good reason. Princesses always are the most notoriously beautiful girls in town. Princesses can get into as much trouble as they want (and they seem to get into plenty) and still be bailed out by the handsome prince, who of course, has also fallen hopelessly in love with said princess. What a life! Real or imagined, the life of a princess should be embraced and experienced for all it has to offer her regal majesty. Reality can wait for just one more day. Princesses come in many varieties and no two princesses are, or should be exactly the same. Disney has come out with a collective group of these fabulous femme fatales as part of its infamous Disney Princess group. With names like Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Snow White and even Pocahontas, you can choose to be a princess that everyone knows and loves from a fabulous Disney animated movie, and yet still find ways to make her character your very own. Other princess offerings in our exciting princess collection include a wide range of costumes such as a lovely Princess Barbie or even a little monstrous bit of royalty known as the Batty Princess.