Retro Costumes

Retro Costumes for Girls

Girls can choose from Nifty Fifty's looks, cool Hippie looks that bring back the styles of the 1960's or even a rocker chick that looks like she walked in right out of 1985. Every era had its good times; bring them back to life with one of these fabulous retro look costumes!

There are plenty of movies about going back in time, whether via a time machine or some other form of time travel. It's not as hard as you might think to blast yourself into the past, however, nor does it necessarily take a high tech piece of machinery. Dressing up in costume and pretending to be a character from another era is a quick and easy way to relive the past; plus this whole retro dress up experience is likely to be a whole heckuva lot of fun. Every era in history has a costume and fashion style that will forever be the hallmark of that time period. Finding the perfect ensemble to go with whatever your historic adventure requires is really easy when you know where to look! Our collection of retro costumes has everything you need to find the perfect look from many past decades so getting the clothing right is now super easy. Now you will have lots of extra time to spend working on your dance moves, the lingo and the other subtleties that your character will surely need.