Scary Costumes

Scary Costumes for Girls

When it comes to selecting the perfect scary costume for Halloween dress up, we have a huge selection of creeps, ghouls, freaks, monsters and other supernatural creatures for your most frightful Halloween adventures. From Skeletons and Spiderella to Vampires and Zombies, when it comes to the most frightening Halloween looks out there, we've got them right here for your choosing. Wanna get scared this Halloween? With this collection of scary costume looks made just for girls, it's frightening game on!

Scary costumes have been part of the Halloween tradition for centuries. Originally, ancient people were a bit fearful of All Hallows Eve because of the mystical folklore that surrounded the celebration that went along with it. Villagers of this time period believed that during this celebration the spirits of the dead were able to roam the earth at will. Fearing that some of these spirits might be evil and may perhaps do them harm, these superstitious people took to the idea of dressing up in scary costumes in order to either scare the evil spirits away--or to give the spirits the idea that they were part of the group of deceased as well; perhaps then they would be left alone. Genius! Nowadays, although much of the superstition and spooky fun of Halloween has remained, the reasons for dressing up in scary costumes are far different than they were thousands of years ago. Today Halloween is just a fun celebration that involves costumes, trick or treating and fun parties. Very little of the original meaning that once was attached to this holiday is even acknowledged anymore. The tradition of scary costumes remains however, and is likely to stick around, as dressing up scary is just plain spooky fun.