Tween Costumes

Halloween Costumes for Tween Girls

Our huge selection of tween styles includes selections from the Pirates of the Caribbean, Monster High and some pretty funny more grown up renditions of the Sesame Street characters. Traditional witches, vampires and zombies are also part of the variety found in our perfect for tweens collection. Your tween will find everything she needs to dress up exactly how she wants this Halloween--with all of your costume dilemmas easily solved!

What do you have when your child is not little anymore, but she still isn't fully a teenager? You have what nowadays is known as a "tween", meaning not a small child anymore, but the teenage years are still a bit off. It's safe to say that a "tween" usually is in-between the ages of 9 and 12. Tweens have all sorts of interesting dilemmas when it comes to shopping for costumes, but not to worry, we have resolved all of them for you right here in this "special for tweens" costume collection. Dilemma number one that tweens often will face is a lack of sophistication in their costume choices. Many tweens would prefer costumes that are similar in characters and styles to their teenaged siblings, but before now, those choices were hard to find in regular kids sizing. Dilemma number two is sizing. A lot of times, by the time you get the style and character just right, the sizing is far too big for the average youngster. Once again, with this special tween collection, sizing issues have all but vanished. Your tween can now find the exciting, modern and more grown up styles that she wants and still find a costume that fits just right! Perfect!