When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up Costumes for Girls

Whether for a Halloween costume or just for every day fun dress up time, a career-oriented costume is a quick and easy way to let your child's imagination simply soar!

Kids love to role-play adult roles and will use their imaginations to begin to figure out the adult world. This creative use of their minds helps kids to assimilate themselves into the world of grown ups as they begin to understand it. Children have many ideas about what they want to be when they grow up as well. From the time kids are very small, they notice adults and their roles as well as occupations that grown ups have in their place in the world. Many of these roles are interesting to children and they enjoy dressing up and pretending to assume the role themselves during their playtime. When it comes to costumes, some of the most interesting ones to kids are the ones that they see everyday out in the real world. It's fun and very exciting for kids to dress up this way and it is a creative way for kids to learn. Our collection of girls "When I Grow Up" costumes has as vast selection of costumes that are perfect for kids that want to role-play various adult occupations. With costume selections such as doctors, policemen, sailors, cheerleaders, referees, astronauts, firemen and even pop stars, your child can get a taste of many different types of career choices through the simple act of dressing up!