Global Christmas Traditions

Global Christmas Traditions

Have you ever pondered what it'd be like to celebrate Christmas in another country? Ever curious as to what other country celebrates Christmas and how they celebrate it? Every country has their own holiday traditions and some may not even celebrate Christmas. Each country has their own holiday traditions that reflect its culture. A country may have similar holiday traditions to another country, while some are quite different. That is the beauty of all the countries in the world.

United States

  • History Channel's Christmas - This is's Christmas page. It provides 24 videos on Christmas. It has videos on the history of Christmas, traditions from the past and present, the North Pole, Christmas traditions around the world, and many more.
  • USA For Kids Christmas - This page explains the United States' Christmas traditions for kids. It also provides more resources for kids to check out about Christmas.


  • Christmas in Australia - This page tells you about the weather in Australia for Christmas, the traditional meal, and the traditions celebrated.
  • Australian Christmas - This page has great information on how Australians decorate for Christmas, songs sung, food, and Australia's "reindeer".


  • Christmas in Brazil - This page provides information on Brazil's many different Christmas customs. Learn about Papai Noel and their traditional Christmas dinner.
  • Rochedale School's Christmas in Brazil - This page provides information on one of Brazil's most important days of the year. Not only does this page provide information on Brazil's Christmas traditions, but also has some information on language and religion.
  • Celebrate Brazil - Learn about how some Brazilian traditions are similar to those in America, but also other traditions that are different as well.


  • Christmas in Canada - This page explains how the Christmas celebrations are quite similar the ones celebrated in the United States. But, also provides information on some traditions that aren't celebrated in the United States.
  • A Canadian Christmas - This page explains Canada's Christmas history, fun facts, food, and traditions today.
  • Canada's Christmas - Another great page on where Canada's Christmas celebrations come from.


  • Christmas in China - This page provides information on China's "Christmas Old Man". "Christmas Old Man" is China's version of Santa Claus. This page also explains their Chinese Christmas trees.
  • China Highlights - This page provides great categorized information on China's Christmas celebrations.
  • Jackie Chan Kids Corner - This page has ton of fun information on how China celebrates Christmas. The page provides pictures, history, and how you can celebrate a Chinese Christmas too!


  • Christmas in England - This page has lots of information on how the English celebrate their Christmas. This page provides information on "Father Christmas", who is the English gift giver, their traditional meal, and a little bit of history.
  • The Christmas Archives - A page of history on England's Christmas. The page discusses "Father Christmas" and one of their customs, "Kissing Bough".


  • Christmas in Mexico - This page explains how the Mexicans share a lot of traditions with the Spanish. Their main celebration is called "La Posada". The page also explains their gift traditions and how they celebrate.
  • Mexican Christmas History - This page gives you information on Mexico's Christmas history, fun facts, holiday foods, and how they celebrate today.
  • A to Z Kids Stuff - Fun information on Mexico's Christmas, decorations, and songs.


  • Christmas Traditions WebQuest - In this WebQuest you will research a country of your choice and see how they celebrate their Christmas. Find out information about what they eat for their Christmas meals, songs they sing, how they say "Merry Christmas", and much more!
  • Holiday Fun - This page provides fun sites for kids to learn about the holiday season. Learn about Christmas in the United States and holiday traditions celebrated in other countries.
  • Mrs. Herbert's Christmas Around the World - In this fun WebQuest you'll be "traveling" around the world to Mexico, France, England, Italy, and Africa! You'll be learning about their Christmas traditions and reporting back with information you've learned.